Self Storage for the 21st Century

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the sendy storage story


Our Motto


 On-Demand Storage, Pickup, & Delivery for your stuff. Sendy was founded on the belief that Storage does not have to be stressful nor expensive. 


Our Story


We started Sendy Storage after realizing that the antiquated ‘Self Storage’ business model was ready for an overhaul; We found it unacceptable that we had to pay ridiculous prices and still had to do all the heavy lifting and transportation ourselves. 

Realizing there had to be a better way after one too many sweat-drenched trips to our shared storage unit in Tucson, Arizona, we decided to take on the challenge to solve this inconvenience. We strive to fulfill customer storage needs by eliminating the traditional self-storage requirements of having to use or rent a truck, make any trips to a storage unit, do any heavy lifting, or just plain finding the time to fit driving to a bad part of town into your busy schedule. 

Sendy Storage is committed to providing excellent Storage service and inexpensive item pickup, storage, and re-delivery to your doorstep on your schedule. 

We pride ourselves in bringing self-storage to the 21st century by providing effortless storage pickup and delivery at the tip of your fingers. 

Nick Chadwick

Co-Founder | CEO

Michael Miramontez
Co-Founder | CFO

If you would like to be part of the Sendy Storage team, email 

Still have questions about how it works? How can we help?


How will I know my stuff is safe and secure?

 We understand that trust and confidence mean everything when using our service and housing your belongings. It is through this trusting relationship that keeping your items safe and secure is of our utmost importance. We ensure this through a couple of measures. Your items are stored at one of our secure storage facilities that is monitored and is accessible only to Sendy Storage employees. Each employee undergoes an extensive background check. On top of that, your items (should you choose to utilize our Sendy Storage bins) come with zip ties or users can opt to provide their own padlock/locking device. We also provide and offer additional insurance to provide a greater peace of mind. See our insurance section for me details. 

What is the quickest turnaround time for a delivery if I ordered right now?

 We require a 24 hour advance notice for delivery of items. For example, if you place an order at 1pm on a Friday, you can get it delivered at exactly 1pm or later on Saturday. We understand that there will be instances where a customer needs an item ASAP sooner than 24 hours, and in that instance, we request that the customer contacts us at in order to facilitate a paid Instant Delivery* to get the item(s) to you as quickly as possible. For this reason, we recommend that Sendy Storage not be used for storing items that will not be needed by you in case of emergency. 

Is there anything I CAN'T store with you?

 For more information on what type of items cannot be stored, please reference our Standard Storage Operating Procedures document located in our footer. 

What if I have an item that doesn't fit in one of your bins?

 No worries at all. Sendy understands that there are instances for special case belongings that don’t exactly fit in the confines of a bin or box. Therefore, Sendy accommodates this by categorizing the belonging that can’t fit inside a bin as a Small, Standard, Large, and X-Large item and charge accordingly. We provide a common list of items that would fall into these categories in our 'Store' section, but if you aren't sure which one to select, then you can always contact us so that we can help classify it for you. 

Is there a weight limitation?

 To promote ergonomics and save the backs of our hardworking employees, we do enforce a weight limitation on bins and items. No single bin, container, box, or item may exceed a weight limit of 55 pounds. It is at Sendy Storage’s full discretion to evaluate the weight of the bins, containers, boxes, or other items to determine compliance of the weight limit. Sendy Storage will allow users to distribute the exceeded weight by recommending the use of additional bins, containers, or boxes, if applicable. Please reach out to Sendy Storage if having any questions regarding weight limit capacity. 

What happens if my items come back damaged?

 In the unfortunate event that your items are damaged upon receiving it back from Sendy Storage, you will need to follow the claims process that is outlined in our Sendy Storage Coverage Plan as well as our Terms and Conditions. You will be required to document the damage with pictures and send all information to as a part of the claims process.