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Never visit a Self Storage Unit Again - Why Self Store it, when we SEND IT!

About Us


Our Mission


Our mission at Sendy Storage is to change the way people think about self storage by providing an innovative, inexpensive, and hassle-free storage solution.


Our Vision

Our Vision for Sendy Storage is enabling a clutter-free America, by expanding our services to cities nationwide.


Our Story


We started Sendy Storage after realizing that the antiquated ‘Self Storage’ business model was ready for an overhaul; We found it unacceptable that we had to pay ridiculous prices and still had to do all the heavy lifting and transportation ourselves. 

Realizing there had to be a better way after one too many sweat-drenched trips to our shared storage unit in Tucson, Arizona, we decided to take on the challenge to solve this inconvenience. We strive to fulfill customer storage needs by eliminating the traditional self-storage requirements of having to use or rent a truck, make any trips to a storage unit, do any heavy lifting, or just plain finding the time to fit driving to a bad part of town into your busy schedule. 

Sendy Storage is committed to providing excellent Storage service and inexpensive item pickup, storage, and re-delivery to your doorstep on your schedule. 

We pride ourselves in bringing self-storage to the 21st century by providing effortless storage pickup and delivery at the tip of your fingers. 

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Sendy Storage

Tucson, Arizona, United States